Manuka Records are back at it with another very sublime release, this time in the form of an experimental three-track EP from the artist known as Oxossi. The release is packed full of energy from the offset. 

Track 1, "Empty Kisses" is an almost ethereal track during the intro, right up until a lethal two-step drum beat comes in out of nowhere and absolutely cuts you in half. He's patterned these beautiful female vocal samples over the top to give the track an extra layer as well. 

Track 3 entitled "Vou Que Vou" gives a nod of respect to his ancestral roots over in Brazil. It's a heavyweight concoction of dark, sub heavy 808's and skippy, sharp, two-step drum loops. For me, it's almost like garage meets dubstep in a strange, yet intoxicating way. The vocals work so well, giving the track some extra bounce too.

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Track 2, "Closure" is the pick of the bunch for me and we were able to upload a clip to our SoundCloud. You can have a listen and read below.

Oxossi - Closure (MNK014) [Personal Favorite]:

This one is almost like Biome meets Burial, a cocktail of genres all rolled into one very wicked production. The intro starts off with these high-pitched synths and an ominous sub that hasn't fully formulated yet. You can also faintly hear two female vocals in the intro, one talking quite seriously and the other singing softly. Analogue textures are heard just before the drop and at different times during the production. When the track drops, the ominous sub from the intro matures into a very cold, rolling 808. The drum beat is techy and 2-steppy, those cold almost grime-like synths stay present throughout the track too. Very energetic production from Oxossi. The entire release is out now and you can purchase it here.

You can also stream the full thing below.