DJs For Climate Action & Greenpeace are readying a new compilation curated by Matt Black & Nicola Cruz. The 37 track digital compilation was selected from 350 submissions and a jury made up of Nicola Cruz, BLOND:ISH, Cosmo Baker and Matt Black of Coldcut.

The compilation features the likes of Acid Pauli, Fakear, Mark Farina, in addition to other lesser-known names. The compilation is diverse sonically, spanning various electronic music genres like techno and lo-fi, plus freeform jazz and more. The artists come from Reunion Island, France, the UK, India, Japan and elsewhere.

The compilation came together after DJs4CA put out a sample pack last year with field recordings gathered during years of Greenpeace expeditions and activism across the globe. The sample pack featured iceberg claps, whales singing, monsoons, birds in the Indonesian rainforest and more sounds of nature. They then opened a competition for musicians to make songs with those samples, inspired by the question “What Does The Future Sound Like?”

The record will be produced by Green Vinyl Records using a new injection molding process, which reduces emissions, is free from toxic PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and toxic Phthalates. Proceeds from the release will be split between DJs4CA’s future projects and donated to local, frontline organizations in some of the locations the samples were recorded.

The compilation will arrive during the COP26 conference, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The conference starts on October 31 in Glasgow and goes until November 12. Pre-order the comp here.


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01. Alys Good - Nature Friends
02. Eat My Butterfly - Yéla Mama ft. Lass & Sibu Manaï
03. Hover Fly - Ode to Nature
04. Hemai - Dreamers
05. Michael Mcmenemy - Choke
06. ConEctor - Agua SolarPunk
07. Dazzle Drums - Hope Bay (Humpback Mix)
09. el.llorón - florquestra sinfônica


01. Mark Farina - Earth Moments
02. Samarana - Sua
03. Afterlife - Dancing Underwater
04. Entrópica - Guillo
05. Captain Planet - Thirst No More
06. LifeIsOne - Do You Actually Care_
07. AMBIOSCAPE - The Anthropocene ft. Zian Wang
08. Naama - Hold My Hand
09. AYAHUMA - Connection to Spirit
10. Lauphan - Un Latido


01. Acid Pauli - Ice Mizer
02. Catalina - Free Radical
03. Tatie Dee - Kalaola
05. Plage One - Acid Rain
06. S.a.t.a.n - Forest Shedder
07. Alahez & Sarti - Culture Vibration
08. Alex Wilcox - In A Dream So Far Away


01. Fakear - River Wood
02. Aroop Roy - Submerged Beats
03. Dani Lewick - Floe Edge
04. Volee - I Could Show You
05. Belaria - Heartquake
06. Nouveau Monica - Transition
07. Priestess - Landscapes
08. Flip Side - Ethereal Future Now
09. Marwan Hawash - It's Gonna Burn
10. MEDIATRIX - Panthalassa