DEARI has arrived in the world of Electronic music with dedication and passion, releasing music that is compelling in sound and unique in approach, with influences that range from Artists like Calvin Harris, Sonny Fodera, and The Chainsmokers, his reputation within the genre continues to grow. With his latest releases, ‘Falling,’ and ‘Unstoppable,’ DEARI continues to push boundaries and release new music that showcases his signature sound. For this exclusive interview, we catch up with DEARI to talk about his upcoming plans, collaborations, and new milestones he aims to achieve with his music.

Hi Deari, pleasure to meet you! How’s it going?

Very good, thank you! I’ve just released my track, ‘Feelin’,’ so I’m excited that it’s now out! It’s one I wrote a while ago so I’m happy to finally get it out to the world.

We’d love to know more about any upcoming projects you may have in the works! Do you have any new releases you can tell us about?

I have 5 more singles coming out! I’ve been really focusing on making music since Covid, so it’s amazing to finally get some songs out. I think the singles get better and better, as the year goes on.

Do you have any new upcoming collaborations with other vocalists or producers?

My next two singles include samples all by myself. But then, my next single has the wonderful Alessia Labate on vocals, and is a collaboration with a Producer, from Liverpool, called Backhouse. I also have another song I am working on with Davis Mallory, who I met at an interview at ADE. Backhouse and I have a couple more productions, that are not signed so expect more from that!

Do you plan on experimenting and blending Dance with other genres? If so, what types of musical influences are you looking to explore further?

My first musical love is Indie and Rock Music. One band I have recently discovered that does this tremendously is ‘LCD Soundsystem.’ I knew ‘All My Friends’ but have only just started listening to their other tracks. I would love to make some Rock inspired House music. I have tried this many times, but can’t quite find the right way to incorporate both together!

Are there any new pieces of equipment that you’d like to experiment with?

I’m picking up the guitar, a little bit again. I haven’t played in a few years, so it will take a little bit of time to get comfortable recording it properly, but you might hear guitar on my productions moving forward.

Do you have any new techniques or software you plan to integrate into your music production process?

I’m constantly trying to learn new techniques or ways to work better. If I find something that works, I am more than happy to throw it into my routine. If it’s something that doesn’t or makes my process longer, then I will leave it. A big thing I am trying to do is to get better at mixing at the moment, as this can turn a good idea into a really great idea.

Are there any special venues or festivals you’d love to play at this year or in the near future? What would be your dream venue?

I’ve never played a festival, so any festival would be amazing to play. My dream festival would be at Leeds or Creamfields, because they are the local ones to me. My dream gig would be to play at Anfield. I’m a Liverpool season ticket holder and am lucky enough to have my music played on a match day. This is one of my favorite memories of this year so far!

Are there any goals or projects aside from music that you’re planning to accomplish soon?

I have a few. I’m a keen golfer, so one of my New Year’s resolution is to put more time into my golf game. Trying to practice a bit more, than I have the last few years, and improve my handicap! I am also trying to be a lot more consistent in the gym this year. I was quite consistent last year, but can always improve.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

100% it’s getting more music out. My releases get better and better, so I am excited to carry on and getting my music out to the world!

We wrap up this interview with DEARI by thanking him for giving us a glimpse into his plans and projects for the next year; as his musical direction promises to remain fresh and exciting, there’s surely a lot to expect from this talented Producer and DJ, so make sure to follow him across social media to keep updated on his latest releases and new projects, as this year is sure to see powerful new music from him.

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