Nothing is cooler than having an awesome playlist picture for your chill Spotify playlist. But it can get tricky to create custom Spotify playlist images that match the laidback, chill, and relaxed vibe of your curated music.

Because finding pictures on free websites to use for your cover images is the easy part; you still have to make them your own and turn those photos into something that grabs the attention of potential playlist followers.

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But anyways...

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So we've done the heavy lifting for you and made a handful of custom artwork for you to use for your chill Spotify playlists. All of the images feature somber and subdued color schemes, relaxing environments, and most importantly a spot specifically for you to add your you name, playlist title, or whatever else you want.

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How To Use These Chill Spotify Playlist Covers

Here is a short rundown of how you can turn these stock images we have created into custom artworks for your Spotify playlist. 

  • Find the artwork from the categories below that suites the vibe of your chill playlist
  • Down the 300x300 image that is sized perfectly for Spotify
  • Use any basic editing program that comes on your computer to add text to the space included
  • Save your changes, over-righting the original image with your new custom one
  • Upload your new image to be the cover art on your Spotify playlist

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