House music pioneer Carl Cox has teamed up with Mark Vessey for a new photography project where he shared his favourite vinyl.

The British artist took to Instagram to announce their collaboration, telling fans it took him “around the other side of the world” earlier this year to meet with Cox.

“I had my most incredible adventure going and spending two days with @carlcoxofficial at his inimitable studio in Australia, learning all about his passion and love of music, his medicine, which he has shared with us,” he said.

“I so got to feel the love that radiates from Carl for his collection. I’m grateful to Carl for having trusted me to explore his vast collection of vinyl, which allowed me to create this artwork titled ‘Carl’.”

The upcoming collection will hit Brighton’s Enter Gallery on July 20, and will feature records selected by Cox, with the DJ saying (via MixMag): “Each record I choose has a story behind it and it was very emotional choosing the records that helped shape my journey.”

He called his collection, made up of 150,000 “all-time absolute superstar” records collected by both him and his late father, “the best of the best”.

“Every single one of these records are not promos, I literally went to the record store and stood there and went through the music,” he said of his records, which span multiple genres like jazz, funk, reggae, acid house and more.

He touched on the process of working alongside Vessey on the project, and said: “Watching Mark work really makes me understand how you can look deeper into art, and it makes me realise what a privilege and responsibility I have when sharing my love of music with the dancefloor.”

Vessey has also worked with artists like Fatboy Slim and Simon Dunmore on the Collections series. You can buy tickets for ‘Carl Cox by Mark Vessey’ here.

Cox also recently teamed up with Paul Oakenfold to have an “absolute blast” on their first ever collab, ‘Concentrate’.

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