Renowned French DJ Bob Sinclar is back on full force, teaming up with Hungarian future house duo Stadiumx for the affectionate, uplifting house gem “I’m Still in Love.” Setting the tone with rousing, soulful vocals, vibes of classic deep house and a crystal-clear production, the duo sets the tone with a brand-new anthem for 2022’s love generation, custom made by two experts in the genre.

Together, they deliver magic, as “I’m Still In Love” perfectly assembles the passionate Sinclar sounds with energizing house drops. Setting the tone with strong piano chords and soul saturated vocals, almost crying out the track’s title, summery synth pads provide a gentle backing, taking the atmosphere to euphoric heights. It’s feelgood music to the limit, advancing with a steady house groove and beautiful chords answering the song’s vocal lines.

Call it dance music poetry, not packed in a sweet love letter this time, but screamed out with heated passion. “I’m Still In Love” promises to be a highlight during DJ sets this summer, be sure to catch the moment it drops, cause you’ll definitely feel loved when this gem hits the floor.