Baby Reindeer actor Nava Mau has revealed details of a deleted scene which may answer some viewers’ questions.

Mau, who plays the girlfriend of protagonist Donny in the hit Netflix show, has recently shared that she had filmed a scene which provides more information about their relationship, but it got cut.

After Donny’s relentless stalking by Martha eventually spills over into his relationship, his girlfriend Teri begins to feel threatened and unsettled, and the ordeal leads to tension between the two, and their relationship’s ultimate demise.

As Teri provides support, reason and safety for Donny throughout the series, many viewers sympathise with her but were disappointed to see their relationship end.

One user wrote on X: Please let Teri and Donny end up together #BabyReindeer” while another wrote: “Teri does not deserve Donny I feel really bad for her”.

Now, in a new interview with GQ, Mau has opened up about a deleted scene where a little more closure to the pair’s relationship is provided.

“There actually was one more piece of Teri and Donny’s relationship in the script, and I performed it,” Mau explained. “Teri leaves Donny a voicemail five months later.”

“So I think, for me, I got closure because Teri did too.”

As Donny eventually spots Teri walking in the street with another man after their relationship crumbles, we learn that she moves on past the dramatic events which resulted from her time with Donny.

baby reindeer
Richard Gadd as Donny and Nava Mau as Teri in ‘Baby Reindeer’. CREDIT: Netflix

This result was also comforting to Mau, who explained: “That’s what gave me so much comfort, knowing that they found peace with regards to their relationship.”

“Teri got her happy ending, you know? Teri found a new man, she didn’t lose her friends, she didn’t lose her job, she didn’t lose her smile. She’s good,” she continued.

“And I think that is remarkable, because so often we’ve seen stories of trans people that end with them broken.”

Meanwhile, author Stephen King has written an essay on the show, calling it “one of the best things I have ever seen”.

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