Audible Yays comprised of world-renowned songwriters and producers, Barb Morrison (They/Them) and Bart Schoudel, take singer/songwriter, actor and political rabble rouser, Anne Stott‘s grunge meets pop project into the dance music realm for the first time with their remix of ‘I Can’t Hide.’

Anne Stott ‘I Cant Hide’ Audible Yays remix

For Blondie, Barb Morrison was a songwriter behind ‘Panic of Girls”, one album that reflects why this collaboration was a good match with Stott’s elastic style that embraces eighties pop and nineties grunge, infused with a modern moody atmosphere.

While Bart Schoudel’s GRAMMY-nominations come from working on Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres, Justin Beiber’s Purpose and Beyoncé’s Beyoncé. Together as Audible Yays they masterfully treat Stott’s pop song with clean synths, a sublime house beat and their unique atmosphere. While previous alternative rock songs by Stott such as her most recent releases, ‘Water to Blood’ and ‘Born Under a Full Moon,’ make you get up and dance, this remix of ‘I Can’t Hide’ takes the dance party to the next level.

On ‘I Can’t Hide’, Stott shares,”I don’t really feel like I wrote I Can’t Hide. It wrote me and channeled some of my most innocent wishes for myself and the world. And now through the inspired production of Barb Morrison and Bart Schoudel (Audible Yays) those vulnerable expressions have been transformed into a joyous dance celebration. 

A few years ago I thought “I love to dance but I don’t write dance music.” The thought came and went as so many thoughts do, but it’s cool that after recording a whole alt rock album with Barb, they’ve facilitated I Can’t Hide becoming my first dance release. But it will not be my last!”

Photo by Kelly Davidson Design by Dan Ichimoto
Anne Stott : photo by Kelly Davidson, Design by Dan Ichimoto

You can find Anne Stott bouncing back and forth from New York City and Cape Cod, where she regularly acts in plays such Nevermore at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater or works in film landing opportunities such as presenting at the first annual TEDx Provincetown.

In a recent interview on the Too Opinionated podcast, Stott shares how acting feeds into her inspiration behind songwriting “the work I do when I am acting or when I am telling someone else’s story, actually ends up helping me find pieces of myself that I might not have otherwise explored that I then get to bring back into songwriting.”

Anne Stott Photo by Jody Christopherson

Stott’s third album, Watershed Synapse Experience, produced by Barb Morrison drops in September 2024, until then have a happy pride month and keep rocking with Stott.

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