Tucked within the deep melodic and organic tapestries of dance music is a vital selection of records that set the bar for live electronic projects with productions that blur the lines of acoustic and electronic from a duo that reigns from western to eastern Europe, Tuba Twooz.

Tuba Twooz

To introduce the highly immersed, often masked duo we present Tuba Twooz’ drip dreams remix of Kayne Grace‘s ‘Strangers’ that is being aired around the world, availabl as a free download

Other productions from Tuba have landed on Guy J‘s Lost & Found, Sabo’s Sol Selectas, Booka Shade, DJ T., and M.A.N.D.Y.’s Get Physical Music, Berlin’s revered Bar 25 and the UK’s ubiquitous imprint The Soundgarden. Tuba Twooz has worked with artists such as Death on the Balcony (All Day I Dream), Zuma Dionys (Pipe & Pochet), M.O.S. (Anjunadeep), Veronika Fleyta (Sirin), Raw Main (Lost Miracle), Anatolian Sessions (Art Vibes Music), Laroz (Diynamic) and more.  

Tuba Twooz initially dipped their toes into music production by remixing tracks by the Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode, among others, offering beautiful renditions formed by deep ethnic rhythms, electronic intricacies and organic instrumentation, sourced from diverse folk traditions spanning the globe, reminiscent of musical journeys by the jamtronica band Sound Tribe Sector Nine at times. We have organized some of Tuba Twooz’ releases we recommend.  

Tuba Twooz:

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