ARTIFACT, a true force in the electronic music scene set seismic waves with the release of his latest EP, ‘Return Of The Dead’. You can’t miss it. This highly anticipated EP features four electrifying tracks – ‘Demon Slayer,’ ‘Gatekeeper’, ‘Jump Scare’, and ‘Night Vision’.  Warning! This EP is highly addictive as listeners are taken on an unforgettable and immersive journey through the realms of dubstep, riddim, and drum and bass. 

Having previously captivated audiences with the groundbreaking ‘King Of The Dead’, a collaborative effort showcasing ARTIFACT’s distinct production style alongside Chris Calyx’s sonic innovation, the artist continues to push boundaries and redefine genres.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, ARTIFACT first emerged onto the global stage with the smash hit “Extinction,” rapidly solidifying his position in the industry. Fresh off the heels of successful releases on High Caliber Records, Subsidia, DirtySnatcha Records, and Syndicate Bass Records, and with several major label releases on the horizon, ARTIFACT is poised to dominate the electronic music landscape with the release of this high-energy EP. Taking full control of his global fanbase with monstrous bass lines, infectious melodies, and alarming instrumentals, ARTIFACT is taking over the bass and dubstep scene one release at a time.


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