LA-based self-described “psych-prog-yacht rock jazz fusion duo” The Breathing Effect have released a new album I've Never Seen The Northern Lights. The group first broke out in a small way with their 2015 debut Mars Is A Very Bad Place For Love. They have been quite busy since, releasing albums in 2017, 2020, 2021 and now today in 2022.

The group doesn’t exactly make post-rock (as opposed to the long description above), but the similarities are there on this album. Drawn out synths and washed out guitars help set the stage for the rest of the music that is both psychedelic and spacey. Born out of the LA beat scene, Eli Goss and Harry Terrell go more minimal and chill with this one. The percussion comes and goes, but it isn’t as present as some past projects like year’s album Solarpunk Playlist.

They are all instrumental with I’ve Never Seen The Northern Lights, allowing the washed out synths to merge and reform in new songs like cells. If you need a new album of chilled out, psychedelic electronic-ish music, this should do the trick with slow progressing pieces like the solo, reverbed guitar on “This Is A Dream.” Pick up a copy here via Alpha Pup Records.

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