Today, we introduce this interview with Italian DJ and music Producer Andrea Rubolini. Known for his powerful Tech House productions that have received praise and support from listeners across the globe, Andrea Rubolini keeps pushing boundaries with every release and live performance, proving why his name deserves to be followed closely. In this interview, we explore his creative process, his thoughts on collaboration, and his love for the festival stage, get ready to uncover the artistry and innovation behind Andrea Rubolini’s music.

DJing or Producing?
Both, I believe it takes the right mix of both to create a sound that is easily attributable to the artist.

Vinyl or CDs?
Vinyl, even now in the studio my console setup is 2 Technics 1210 turntables and a mixer.

Solo work or collaborations?
If the collaboration stimulates me and I like the sound of the other artist, then it makes sense to collaborate. For example, with Manu P, we connect on a level of sound and genre, it all comes naturally, and the result is satisfying.

Radio version or extended mix?
I usually do both versions, which gives the DJ the possibility to choose the most suitable one based on the audience and the situation on the dancefloor.

Analog hardware or digital?
Analog, it requires more time and work, but the result can be heard in the finished project.

Original or remix?
I usually don’t do many remixes, so I prefer original, but if a track conveys something to me and I think I can work on it well, I’m also open to remixes.

Friday night or Saturday night?
It’s indifferent, if the party has potential and is well promoted, I don’t see differences between Friday or Saturday.

Nightclub or festival?
Festivals have something fascinating about them, both for the location and the lineup of artists.

Big nights out or chilled nights in?
I usually don’t have relaxing nights at home, when I’m not performing I’m always working in the studio, so I like both having shows around and working on new tracks in the studio.

Small intimate sets or huge festival stages?
I prefer big stages, then maybe an intimate party post-show 🙂

We thank Andrea for his time talking with us and sharing a deeper look into his favorites and choices; with an upcoming release schedule that promises to continue captivating listeners across the globe, we can only wish him the best on his new projects and releases, make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his new music and live shows.

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