For a long time, dub techno took us to new heights with the sounds of Echocord, Deepchord, STL, Levon Vincent, and Basic Channel (Rhythm & Sound and Maurizio), who coined the genre in the early 90s. 

After the pandemic, deep and hypnotic techno, which was hyped for a few years, faded away as clubs and restrictions struck. Ambient music – especially ambient techno and atmospheric/ field recordings – peaked in conjunction with the current global mood, which was more low-key at the time. 

Dub techno intrinsically took over back and transitioned as a natural reflection of what nice contemporary music shall bring us currently: depth, inner sense, and beauty. 

In that direction, 2022 was an excellent year for any dub sounds, oscillating between ambient/ atmospheric, deep house/ techno, and overall minimal music. When sunset sets in and the mood shifts, here is when dub techno strikes, with subtle deep bass and melodic percussions, layered by hypnotizing, seductive dub chords or atmospheres. 

Here are the top dub techno tracks for a mellow yet sed(dub)tive summer to bring fresh dub techno to your ears.

Schulz Audio - Vanilla Skies (Schulz Audio)

Schulz Audio’s long dedication to quality dub techno is no longer to be proved. Summer has gotten us right with this new track, “Vanilla Skies,” part of an exquisite “Warm Shapes 06” release on August 5, 2022. Swirling loops and evocative, atmospheric textures invite us for a long night's summer groove.

Alexander Bogdanov - Listen To Yourself (Hello Strange) 

This sexy, vocal-infused melodic dub track is aligned to deep house music by Helly Larson. Released on May 17, 2022, part of the epic dub electronic label Hello Strange, featuring dub artists like heavenchord or Schulz audio, this new dub track indeed seduces us. 

Liuos/ NAE-TEK - Obsessional (Superordinate Dub Waves)

This stunner, released on July 28, 2022, was born from a smooth collaboration of talented dub artists Liuos and NAE-TEK, whose stunning deep past releases stood us on Superordinate Dub Waves. All NAE-TEK sounds are deep, mesmerizing, and enthralling, taking us on deep journeys and atmospheric echoes, similar to Levon Vincent. Stay tuned for upcoming and imminent dub releases by NAE-TEK on this label with Moodeep and more exciting dub artists. 

Until then, “Obsessional” is perfect for a great dance or a nice listen at home or in an ambient bar with quality music. 

Dubrovnik - RX ONE (D-Junction)

UK dub and deep artist Dubrovnik, who previously released on Nicolas Barnes’s dub and minimal label ECOUL SND and well-known dub imprint Greyscale, returns with a new release featuring pulsating high peak dub techno with this intense, moody, deep and dub techno track, “RX ONE” part of Various Artists 07, released on July 16, 2022, on GUZZ imprint D. Junction. 

More aligned to dance music and deep tech, this dubby track surprises us on a warm dancefloor with some acid elements.

Spring Will Come and We Will Open the Windows - Heavenchord (Sedubtive) 

Artur Galstyan of Heavenchord’s luscious, downtempo dub sounds has taken us to unknown territories full of magic for consecutive years as of today. This new beauty track, flirting between delays and subtle deep echoes, is going in that direction. “Spring Will Come and We Will Open the Windows” belongs to the album “A Touch Of Seafield's”, which was released May 30, 2022, on Sedubtive. Heavenchord previously produced on Hello Strange and Cold Tear Records and regularly released outstanding music aligned to deep and dub downtempo style.

Emerald Ocean - Post Apocalyptic (Cold Tear Records)

Lithuanian artist Post-Apocalyptic has his interpretations of subtle, foggy, and exquisite dub techno. “Emerald Ocean” was released on May 16, 2022, as part of a 9-tracker album “Far Away,” with mesmerizing tracks that translate a pure vision of dub atmospheric techno. 

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This track blends explicitly intense dub chords with repeating atmospheric elements that take us on a deep journey into some dark forest. 

ANGEL - Particule II (AMAS Studio)

French artist ANGEL (Angel Lebailly) has been secretly fine-tuning her productions recently and, while she released an ambient single last year, she returned to her favorite genre this summer, dub techno, which is deep and sensual. “Particule II” was released on June 24 as part of the album “Sous l’eau”, on the young label and art collective from Stuttgart AMAS Studio. 

This track breaks down the rules of dub techno as it blends electronic vocals and deep layers with subtle dub chords and is well-received by the dub techno community.

Martin Jarl & Phelian - 5001 Miles (Drift Deeper)

Drift Deeper is a London-based dub and ambient techno label which never disappoints when releasing outstanding sounds. In a word, a masterpiece would simply be the best description of “5001 Miles”, released on July 4 as part of a beautiful EP of the same name. 

Markus Masuhr - Sound of the Light (insectorama)

It’s inevitable to quote Markus Masuhr’s latest release on his imprint, the well-respected Leipzig-based insectorama label, which has consistently released quality dub techno since 2006. As a contemporary dub techno artist full of devotion, “Sound of the Light” is part of the exquisite “The Dub Theory - Chapter Six” album and series of dub releases that features deep and echoey dub techno the way we love. 

Hazy Memory - Eric Louis (devillish affair)

Bringing fresh dub and deep sounds from NY, Eric Louis’s intake on dub and experimental techno strictly does not disappoint us. “Hazy Memory” was released as early as April 9, 2022, but is still banging as ever as it brings cutting-edge production that is groovy with dubby solid elements. More releases are imminent on this label in late August by this artist. 

Bruit Blanc, Dott. Santafeo, Moodeep - Olivetti (Moodeep Remix) (Ecoul snd)

What happens if you combine outstanding deep and dub techno producers in a fruitful collaboration? Perhaps the answer is this deep beauty track “Olivetti”, remixed by Polish producer Moodeep, and produced initially by Siberian producer BRUIT BLANC official (Apnea label) and Italian producer Dott. Santafeo. 

This deep tune is a perfect summer treat for all dub lovers. 

Advanced Dreams - Blurred Trip (Blazej Malinowski remix) (Minimood)

Since 2007, minimood has explored the dubbier version of techno, and while the Russian underground duo Advanced Dreams’ released ‘Blurred Trip’ earlier this year on March 3, 2022, pressed on transparent wax only, the remix by Polish producer Malinowski unveils secret dub layers that are blending just perfectly on deep techno bassline.

Meteor - Guzz (Arg) (VA Legacy Volume)

Guzz (Arg) is another artist committed to the broader genre of dub techno. Proof of this, “Meteor” released as part of VA on February 25, 2022, on South African label Pocket Food Audio, conveys dub layers with groovy textures – which makes it an ideal addition to a summer evening with great dub tracks. 

Dub Seekers - Coma Conscience (Deep Electronics)

We are closing off this fantastic series with the latest release, as evocative as it is, “Dub Seekers” by Coma Conscience on Dutch imprint Deep Electronics, on August 12, 2022. Deep soundscapes marry dub elements for a smooth ballad somewhere relaxing and hypnotizing on this mesmerizing track.