If you don't know what Stranger Things is then you've probably been living under a rock, and if you haven't watched it I just have one question to ask; why do your friends suck and refuse to share their Netflix account with you?

The show follows a group of middle schoolers (now high schoolers) in the 1980s as they try and save their town of Hawkins, Indiana from dangerous world of the Upside Down. 

Stranger Things had gained overnight success after it's season 1 drop in July 2016 and has had a loyal following since it's climactic two-part finale debuting on July 1st of 2022. 

Stranger Things does a great job of making viewers feel this sense of nostalgia for a decade that many of them were not alive in. But, even though we can't go back in time to the 80's, these 10 Indie songs will definitely make you wanna break out your leg warmers and shut down the Upside Down.  

10 Songs That Will Transport You To 1980's Hawkins

1.) Alfie Templeman- Film Scene Daydream  

From the second the song starts, Templeman transports us back into a time of nostalgia with it's whimsical dreamlike opening, much like Fleetwood Mac's song 'Everywhere'.

2.) The Weeknd- Out of Time 

The initial sound of the song is reminiscent of Toto's song Africa, with just a little bit of twist to it. 

3.) Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Spitting Off the Edge of the World  

If you are a fan of The Who's song 'Baba O'Riley', then this song is for you. It gives off the same energy both through its lyrics and tone. 

4.) St. Lucia- Another Lifetime 

If you have a guilty pleasure for 80's dance music, then look no further. This feel-good dance track is perfect for any mid-day pick me up or motivation to help you run that last mile to escape the Demogorgon. 

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5.) The Knocks- Slow Song (with Dragonette)  

Want to feel like you're in a 1980s music video, even when you're just driving home from work? This song will definitely do the trick, just be sure not dance too much while driving.   

6.) Bloc Party- If We Got Caught  

If you're a fan of The Cure, you'll be a fan of this song. It's a little scary how similar Robert Smith and Kele Okereke voices sound. 

7.) The Weeknd- Gasoline  

That's right, another song by The Weeknd. This techno type beat is reflective of many of the hit songs of the time. Highly recommend listening to the entire Dawn FM album if you're looking for more 80s type of song recommendations. 

8.) Japanese Breakfast- Be Sweet  

Japanese Breakfast gives us a modern taste of the sound of many female stars in the 80s music scene with this track. 

9.) The Amazons- Ready for Something 

Want a song with some angst behind it? Here you go! The Amazons give off the feel of many Rock bands of the time so be sure to be "ready for something" with this track. 

10.) Dehd- Bad Love 

This song feels almost like a modern mix between Bruce Springsteen and The Who, which I know sounds odd but once you listen, you'll understand. 

Stream all these songs in the playlist below!