Andrew Rayel & David Gravell – Trance Reborn (Mark Sixma Remix)

Two trance artists are on a roll when they collaborated for a new single. Andrew Rayel and David Gravell proudly released ‘Trance RebornInHarmony records and fans are blown away. Now, the trance DJ and producer Mark Sixma created a remix to the inspiring trance record. He elevates the track with his signature style and it rubs off a highly energetic vibe. It brings out the excitement that listeners crave while attending a music festival or event.

Mark Sixma’s remix to ‘Trance Reborn’ unfolds the inner emotions that all trance fans feel. It begins with euphoric synths that lead to the progression of the track. The orchestral sounds are still present which keep the components of the original. Soon, a pause occurs in order to surprise listeners about the powerful and heavy banger. Throughout the duration, the verse builds up and drops the high synths and elevated beats. Overall, Mark Sixma has done it again with his unlimited creativity and passion for trance.

Take a listen to Mark Sixma’s remix to ‘Trance Reborn’ down below.

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