The month of August has shot by at a record speed. With my life growing ever crazier I seemed to have missed a ton of incredible new music. None seems to be as good as Jenaux's latest single ‘My Friend'. I know, I know – I am a bit late to the game on this groovy little record but man, upon hearing it I knew I had to get it featured.

Jenaux Revives A Timeless Sound

Electronic Funk was one of the first genres which really pulled me into EDM. Early on I was a jam-band kid, hitting every Lotus and Disco Biscuits show I could. Through this scene, I discovered the music of Pretty Lights and soaked in the glory of watching Electronic Funk grow with the additions of Big Gigantic, Griz and so many more artists popping onto the scene.

That being said, I eventually got a bit burned out of the sound. At some point, a singularity of funk and bass collapsed upon itself. While there was nothing wrong with how the genre developed, for me, it lost a bit of its soul. This is why Jenaux and his recent productions have been really blowing me away. His tracks aren't about having the craziest drops or mind blowing bass, but rather they are about honoring the soulful timeless nature of the era he pulls from for inspiration.

Jenaux – ‘My Friend'

In his latest release, ‘My Friend', Jenaux puts together a funky wild ride that tells a hell of a story in just over 3 minutes. I cannot get enough of how he features his samples prominently throughout the track. Adding in wonky bits to showcase the class of the original productions rather than making them background elements to hype up the bass.

‘My Friend' is a remarkable tune that, in my mind, demonstrates better than anything else today that older music can have new life breathed into it with the addition of a truly talented producer. Check out the single below and stay tuned for more exciting elements from Jenaux.