Berlin producer and DJ Ziúr has announced her third album Antifate out in May on PAN.

Antifate is an abstract reference to the mythical land of Cockaigne, a utopia where wine flows freely and houses are made of cake, that provided escapist fantasy for medieval peasants. 10 tracks in total, Ziúr plays drums, guitar, sings and brings club music down to a simmer, melding her sound with a soundtrack that’s fantastical and magical.

The album follows previous albums in 2017 and 2019 on Planet Mu. She launched her own label Now Now earlier this year.

Antifate will be released on May 7. Pre-order it here and listen to the title track now.


01. Alive, Unless?
02. Orange Cream Drip
03. Antifate
04. Gravity's Gravity, Clout Is Clout
05. Fringe Casual
06. Aid Is What It Is
07. Sister Lava
08. Aka Doctor Opp
09. The Dip
10. The Carry