First teased in the beginning January, followed up by the first audio teaser only a week later, fans have been tying for a taste this new ZHU & Tame Impala record, “My Life.” Surely the styles one dance music’s most creative producers and one rock’s most psychedelic new upstarts had to mesh well – now that we have the chance to listen to the full product, we can say those predictions were right on point.

“My Life” won’t necessarily be tearing up dance floors anytime soon, but then again, if that was the only purpose dance music, we’d have a pretty boring selection music to listen to. Vocals from Tame Impala lead singer Kevin Parker work effortlessly with ZHU’s downtempo beats and instrumental improvisation, playing with a simple jazz style utilizing plenty horns and strings.

The song is easily anthemic, never really seeming as if any real effort is put forth, as if it just naturally happened this way… such is the simplicity and genius the production behind the record. ZHU & Tame Impala’s “My Life” is out now – listen to it below.

In addition to the new song, ZHU’s website has been updated to tease his Fall tour. Enter your email to stay up to date with new announcements!


Joe Vitalari @vtlmedia