Sorry ladies…it looks like EDM dreamboat, Zedd might be off the market. TMZ has reported several images and it appears Zedd and Oli Culpo are a bit more than friends after last weekend at Coachella. The Former Miss Universe winner was seen getting cozy with Zedd in the crowd. You can see what we mean with the video below thanks to TMZ.

Zedd is far from the first notable man which Culpo has been affiliated with. Her former pursuits include Tim Tebow and Ryan Lochte. While it seems that Oli has a thing for the athletes, something about the iconic German Producer has won her over. Can you blame her? Zedd is absolutely adorable.

So far we cannot be sure if the pair is officially an item, or just having fun at Coachella. If we can give this pair any advice, it would be to stay off the Ferris Wheel.