I was a wee 19-year-old puppy struggling to maintain a “work-life” balance in college my ears were initially infiltrated by “Human” by Zedd and Nicky Romero. To follow, Mathew Koma and Zedd blessed with “Spectrum. The rest is history. Zedd is an international superstar, I graduated college, work in corporate America and am sitting here writing about yet another Zedd hit. 5-6 years later. I’m still a lost pup trying to figure out the “work-life” balance. But hey, It's finally here! Zedd's highly anticipated single with Maren Morris and Grey “The Middle” just dropped. Zedd is a powerhouse is the industry and ever since the “Clarity” days, has all us standing at attention anticipating whats next. Here it is. collaborating with the ever talented DJ Dup, Grey and smashing vocals by Maren Morris.

The vocals the track are remenicent many his other tracks with the beautiful sounds Maren Morris. Like many his previous tracks, we have a certified radio banger here. In my mind, this is going to make more waves than many his other recent releases as it exemplifies everything you look for in modern EDM. It has an insane lyrical structure accompanied by some the best production in the game by Zedd, delivering what is going to be a hit for months and months to come. When listening to modern EDM, it’s very easy to get lost in redundancies with sound. Zedd does a masterful job delivering a diverse sound while still maintaining those mainstream banger sounds. If you don't know who Grey is, get your ish in line, this is the duo's second release with Zedd, the other being “Starving” with Hailee Steinfeld. They are proving to be outstanding producers to watch going forward!

This is a surefire hit. Don't miss out on being the first your crew to hear this! Peep the lyric video below as well as Spotify links!

Photo Credit: RUKES