Young, talented and visionary pop star-in-the-making Ashley Sienna releases her new single, “My Phone Died.” Every young girl would dream to have the skills and mindset Ashley has, and all these qualities are beautifully present on her latest single, “My Phone Died.” The mellow and catchy track is one of Sienna’s most accomplished releases, blending a gorgeous production with her masterful vocals that both enchant and uplift the mood. After winning multiple prestigious awards in Canada, and being featured on the radio in London, Ashley Sienna is currently preparing the release of her full EP Out Of My Head, her most personal work to date, and the most important project she has ever worked on. It takes a lot of courage to enter the musical arena with such boldness and confidence, and yet Ashley does not make any compromise with the music she creates, always subtle and catchy tracks that bring positivity and inspiration to the listener with an unlimited dose of fun.