South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in has released a public apology amid police investigations into his alleged drug use.

Today (March 28), the Hellbound star posted a statement on his personal Instagram account, where he apologised for the ongoing situation and the effects it has had on the projects the actor is linked to.

Notably, the statement comes just a day after the actor was called in by South Korean police for questioning over his alleged use of illegal drugs.

“I express my apologies for not being able to convey my precious work of those who have worked with me, such as movies, dramas and advertisements,” Yoo wrote on Instagram.

He added: “I deeply reflect on the moments when I handled my commitments irresponsibly, and I apologise for the damage to my colleagues and officials who wanted to achieve their precious dreams and goals.”

Yesterday (March 27), Netflix confirmed to South Korean news outlet Korea JoongAng Daily that two of its Yoo Ah-in vehicles – The K-drama Goodbye Earth and the Korean-language biopic The Match – have been delayed until further notice.

Yoo Ah-in was also recently dropped from Season 2 of Hellbound amid reports that the actor would undergo a police investigation in South Korea for his alleged illegal drug use.

“Many people have supported me and given me generous encouragement and affection, but I hurt myself and my career as an actor, and I feel great regret and shame,” Yoo continued.

“I clearly recognise that my mistake was one that no excuse could cover up. The ideas behind justifications I made to myself could never mask the foolish choices [I have made]”

Goodbye Earth, based on the dystopian Japanese novel of the same name, was initially scheduled to be released by Netflix in the fourth quarter of 2023. Meanwhile, The Match also had a planned 2023 release, and is based on the story of renowned Go players Cho Hun-hyun and Lee Chang-ho.

Last month, South Korean media outlets reported that the actor had alleged tested positive for propofol and marijuana, following a drug test conducted as part of a police investigation.

Earlier this month, South Korean police reportedly raided two of Yoo’s homes to collect evidence, and also looked into the actor’s medical records to determine frequency of his alleged drug usage.

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