To end off 2019 strongly, LA-based producer, DJ, singer, & multimedia artist Xie dropped her single “Jungle Juice”. The song was the first single from her forthcoming debut EP Art & Money, due out sometime this year Create Music Group.The project also features a collaboration with Reo Cragun (who has also worked alongside Flume and Ekali in the past year). The rising Chinese-American artist's recent single  “Jungle Juice” is a high energy trap banger in the vein of Diplo that will surely make you want to move. The seductive topline will leave you craving more music by Xie! Check out “Jungle Juice” below now and above that read a quote from the her about the song.

“I started Jungle Juice with the first four chords, it felt part emo but also uplifting. I thought about embracing the wild side, and how “crazy” spontaneous decisions in life can be good and healthy. The way you feel a few drinks in on that cocktail at the house party – when all the shit you put on yourself and things that tear you down don’t matter. – Xie