It seems Las Vegas will see its first-ever tech house residencies this year thanks to  — the luxury hotel ficially confirmed tech house tastemakers and as two the brand’s new residents for 2018. Jones and Solomun will regularly appear at Wynn’s upscale nightclub, XS, over the course the year.

Wynn’s enlistment effectively expands the breadth electronic subgenres fered in the so-called entertainment capital. High prile Vegas residencies generally gravitate towards more mainstream styles music, and as such, widely known figures central to dance music like and have long shined on the strip.

Wynn’s inclination for a more esoteric subgenre electronic music in its residencies this year speaks to the brand’s movements to diversify the traditional musical landscape the tourist hotspot. The nightlife entity’s managing partner, Alex Cordova, has additionally confirmed that South African house stylist will also be performing at XS during 2018, Wynn recently welcomed the artist to the “Wynn Nightlife family,” a booking that only further evinces Wynn’s strides to shake up the Strip this year.