Coming out of the UK for the first time since last year, Producer and artist duo WITHOUT are hitting the springtime running with their new single, “I Want You,” a bright, upbeat number supercharged with funky synths, vibrant four-to-the-floor melodies, expansive vocal harmonies, and neo-soul flavor.

In their own words, “‘I Want You’ initially came from the same sessions as “Wanta Be”. The chords went down pretty quickly but we had to be patient with the vocal which felt like a struggle, to begin with. It wasn’t until we were going through ideas on a surf trip in France that the concept for the song really came through. We got the main idea down on a voice memo and when we arrived home the rest of the song just fell into place.

I Want You is about someone you can’t live without, it’s a song of gratitude for where you are in life and recognition that you couldn’t make it on your own.”

This one has dance vibes all over the place, give it a listen!