One of the most surreal and iconic moments from last year's Coachella was when Wethan brought out Mason Ramsey, who had just found viral fame for his Walmart yodeling video, for a song during his set at the Sahara Stage.

The crowd absolutely ate it up. Turns out, the duo's relationship has continued since that day. As we are now on the eve of Coachella 2019, it only seems right that the duo would be back in the studio cooking up something unique.

Old Town Road Remix?

Lil Nas X has enjoyed a wild ride of fame since his track ‘Old Town Road' has begun topping charts in multiple genres. The western inspired rap is catchy, grosses audience barriers and is just across the board fun.

It seems that Mason and Whethan are looking to put their own unique spin of the megahit. Will this little project get debuted at Coachella this year? Only time will tell, but these guys certainly have something up their sleeve.