Crime drama Witness Number 3 is currently the most-watched TV series on Netflix UK, leading fans to wonder whether a season two might be coming out.

The Channel 5 show first came out on July 18, 2022, but is now available on Netflix and has gone straight to the number one UK TV spot on the streaming service.

The four-part crime drama stars Nina Toussaint-White – who plays a single mother and salon owner who is targeted by a gang when she becomes a key witness in a murder case – alongside Sion Daniel Young, Sue Johnston, Clare Dunne and Ruaridh Mollica.

A synopsis for the show reads: “As Jodie’s paranoia mounts she becomes a target, but can the police protect her? One day at work, Jodie glances out of the window and in a split second her life descends into freefall. It was just two men walking on the far side of the road – but she’s actually witnessed a killer and his victim moments before a murder.”

Below is everything we know about whether or not there will be a season two. Spoilers ahead.

How does Witness Number 3 end?

After Jodie comes forward as a witness to the altercation that lead to the murder in question, she starts to experience intimidation from the gang who are key suspects.

It’s eventually revealed that Jodie was betrayed by Detective Whelan, who reveals her identity to the gang – all while reassuring her that she and her son would be safe.


The truth is revealed in a safehouse cabin in the woods as two gang members arrive. Po, who is tasked with killing Jodie, instead shoots the other gang member, Troops. Jodie orders him to drive as far away as possible, giving him a way out of the violent gang lifestyle.

Whelan explains that it was “never meant to end like this” and that she had only done “little favours” for the gangs but it got out of control. Jodie turns the gun on Whelan, but instead the corrupt detective is seen taken away in handcuffs.

When Jodie is told there’s a suspect of the shooting in the woods, she chooses not to identify Po – a thanks for saving her life.

When is Witness Number 3 season two coming out?

Currently, there has been no announcement of a second season of Witness Number 3.

Because the show premiered a year ago, any news of a season two in the works might have been announced closer to the time.

The show also didn’t finish on a cliffhanger or leave any aspects of the plot open, so creators may not be intending to make another season.

Elsewhere, Toussaint-White previously spoke about finding it difficult leaving her young daughter to film the series.

“The fact I was a new mum, my husband had to give up work and care for her every day,” she told the Express and other press.

“I was in every single day, early pick ups, late finishes and the challenge for me at the time was what I was doing to my family.

“It was still kind of lockdown in Dublin, they were wearing masks where we weren’t and you had to have a Covid pass to get into places.

“Lots of [baby] clubs and things were shut down, it was very… a kind of isolated time for my husband and that guilt was just hard and suffocating for me at the very beginning.

“But he’s a trooper and he pushed through.”

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