Welsh Ravers Return To Their NYE Venue To Help Clean Up GarbageEver wonder what happens after a rave is over? Well, there’s always a handful abandoned jackets left around, some cell phones hidden in nooks, and most importantly, TONS garbage left scattered across the venue. When partying at an event, we never want to lose our spot in the crowd, this ten leads to attendees throwing their empty cups and other garbage on the floor. After everyone has left the venue, workers spend hours cleaning up everyone’s garbage. However, at a New Years Eve party in the Welsh villages last week, attendees a party decided to come back the following day to help clean up the mess they made the night before.

At the end every year, music lovers around the world always scramble to find the best local NYE party to attend. Unfortunately, there are certain parts the world where pressionally developed local NYE parties aren’t much an option. That didn’t stop a bunch Welsh ravers from throwing an illegal rave in the Grade II-listed former ETM factory in Talywain, nearby Pontypool in Torfaen. More than 1,000 ravers attended the 12-hour illegal rave which led to noise complaints from nearby local residents and even an arrest.

A representative the Gwent Police stated: “Officers worked throughout the night and morning to try and prevent additional persons attending, to bring the event to a peaceful end as well as obtaining evidence for the investigation post-event”.

Like any other event, the rave left behind a ton garbage scattered across the area. But unlike most events, some attendees the NYE party decided to return to the scene the following day to help clean up the mess they made. Local resident, Jesse Jones, captured the special moment on video and had the following to say about the unusual occurrence: “I was basically driving past with my uncles and we saw them out in the pouring rain with all their hair really wet. They didn’t fail to look at us and smile and wave. They all looked so happy we drove f for around about five minutes and we just had to turn around to film it.”

Check out the clip below and remember to always be mindful where you throw your garbage as there is someone always cleaning up after you if you don’t clean up after yourself.