Felicity Chen is the co-founder and CEO of Potli, a delicious brand of edibles that expands upon her Asian heritage and passion for functional ingredients by creating high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples for everyday use. Felicity is a Bay Area native and growing up in the food world, has committed to sourcing all of Potli's ingredients from her home state.

Most recently, Potli partnered with Aster Farms for a special holiday drop — Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Combining Aster’s famed sustainably farmed cannabis with a Tuscan olive blend from the family’s award-winning Campodonico organic farm, this limited edition EVOO is an ode to Lake County California’s unique terroir, available at dispensaries across California.

“We were so excited when Aster Farms approached Potli with this project,” says Chen. “The Soil to Oil experience is about showcasing true transparency in the cannabis supply chain, one that often operates behind closed doors. We're documenting the entire process so you can see what we are made of and we can't wait for you to try this delicious oil.” The Tuscan variety olives, locally blended, are balanced with a single strain of Aster Farm’s sun grown Watermelon OG. The oil — featuring bold, green, and peppery notes — is great for promoting relaxation, increasing appetites and senses, opening up dialogues, and creating lasting new experiences for yourself and with others to enjoy.

To celebrate the collaboration, we asked Felicity to share her favorite songs for you enjoying infused foods in this week’s Weedsday Playlist with songs by Frank Ocean, Teymori, a remix by Nicolas Jaar, and more!

1. Frank Ocean - Solo

During the pandemic, I have sincerely been enjoying getting high solo. It's during that time when I can replay songs that I love and deep dive into its greatness. “Solo” is one of those songs on repeat because of its masterpiece. It's cleansing, the organs almost make the song hymn like. When Frank starts singing his “Ohs,” I just lose my shit. Plug in your noise cancelling headphones if you have them.

2. Polo & Pan - Nana

Idk this song is just fun and trippy. I haven't a clue what they are saying, yet I imagine an alternate universe where people are happy, blowing smoke rings, and having a good time. I like to wake and bake to this song, figuratively and literally.

3. Mave -

You might find a pattern for my music, which is that I typically don't understand the language. I found this song through the Spotify playlist "mixto" and have had it on repeat. Perhaps it's because I pay attention to sound more than lyrics when I'm high. I imagine this girl on a floaty in a lake, somewhere warm, foreign and far far away. She has sunglasses on and an infused spritzer (with Potli Honey of course) in hand and the sun is kissing her skin. I want to be that girl.

4. Kasper Bjørke - Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

This is a sunset sesh anthem. This is the song after I send the last email for the day, and I want to put on a tune to change the mood. This is the song I play when I am rewarding myself as I take a dab and sink into the bath with OM bath salts after a long day at the manufacturing facility. This song makes me feel free.

5. Teymori - Valley of Peace

This is the song I play immediately after the “Heaven” remix as I have my solo dance party and celebrate all the small wins in the day! One way I celebrate is with food. This holiday season, as I self quarantine away from family and elders, I’m using our infused olive oil collaboration with Aster on my meals. I dip a piece of the Tartine Country loaf into this fresh liquid gold with just a dash of balsamic, crack of fresh black pepper. This bite enters me into the Valley of Peace. Only in California can we experience this beautiful oil from its latest harvest early November and the cannabis in October, both from the extraordinary terroir of Lake County.