The music streaming platform TIDAL has teamed up with deadmau5 and his mau5trap label for a brand new mini-documentary titled Wild Things: Life Inside The mau5trap.

The 25-minute film follows the label's takeover at the 2019 edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, showing rare behind-the-scenes footage and exploring the musical perspectives and processes of the mau5trap collective. Featured artists include Rinzen, Monstergetdown, No Mana, Jay Robinson, Callie Reiff, Canadian singer Lights, i_o and the label head himself, Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5).

The documentary takes time to dive into the historical significance of the label's sound and aesthetic, the development of deadmau5's Cube structure and where they believe mau5trap will be heading in the future.

"The future of the label I guess will be more artists, more music, a little more traction," says Zimmerman in the film. Just making this mass catalog because we've been growing it for the last like 10 or 12 years. Just a big part of music."

As a bonus, the film concludes with a production masterclass from Rinzen who walks us through his studio process.

Watch Wild Things: Life Inside The mau5trap here.

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