Whatever you did to ring in 2018, it was probably not as epic as OWSLA‘s Japan takeover. hosted some pretty epic afterparties while SkrillexPoint Point, and Cray took the stage for two nights, in both Tokyo and Kyoto.

They filmed a wild video to capture the shows’ essence. Honestly, all the tour videos we’ve seen (which is a lot), this might be one the most fun. Take the ride with OWSLA and Brownies & Lemonade below:

And speaking pop-up shops… If you were in the lower Manhattan area over the weekend, the team opened up a bodega-themed pop-up, which means you could’ve copped some exclusive one-time-only . It was all part the New York Fashion Week celebration, and it’s a collaborative project with local artists Bryan Rivera and Javier Matias. Hopefully you caught this once in a lifetime event!