Disturbed found themselves drenched towards the end of their recent concert in Houston, Texas, after accidentally setting off the sprinkler system at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

The band took to social media following their July 28 to share a video of their closing song ‘Inside The Fire’ as the sprinkler system rained down on them. “Our #TakeBackYourLifeTour was too hot to handle in Houston. Let’s hear it for the sprinkler system,” the band quipped.

Frontman David Draiman wrote on his personal social media account: “Well, last night in Houston was a first! Our pyro set off the fire suppression system onstage at the end of the set for a surprise rain shower onstage lol.”

In a fan-shot video, the band can be seen performing ‘Inside The Fire’ to close out their set, with extensive pyro set off above them. In the middle of the performance, the venue’s sprinkler system was set off, extinguishing the flames and soaking the band.

Watch the moment below.


Disturbed are currently touring North America as part of their ‘Take Back Your Life’ tour, which will wrap up in September. The tour is in support of their December 2022 album, ‘Divisive’.

In May, David Draiman revealed that he had a tumour in his arm removed. “Doing a bunch of press today, zoom stuff, so this is going to get out anyway,” he wrote on May 31. “I had a tumour removed from my rt radius last week. It had been keeping me up nights. Should have biopsy results tomorrow. Thoughts, prayers, positive energy all welcome.”

The following day, he shared an update that the tumour was benign and that he would be back on the road again shortly after.

Most recently, Draiman condemned Roger Waters during a recent concert in Tel Aviv, where he also performed the Isreali national anthem ‘Hatikva’. “Fuck Roger Waters and all the rest of his BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] nazi assholes — every last single one of them. We don’t need that shit. We’ve survived worse than them and we will continue surviving worse than them,” Draiman said.

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