Watch as Armin van Buuren Performs from an Upside Down DJ BoothWhether it be playing tracks that aren’t usually played or performing a gimmick such as Steve Aoki’s cake throw, DJs are always trying to keep things fresh. Beloved Dutch DJ, Armin van Buuren, recently decided to explore the idea performing a DJ set upside down. The rotating stage made it’s debut at Rotterdam Ahoy last week as apart the Vreiden van Amstel event. For those you guys unfamiliar with the Vreiden van Amstel event, it is a Dutch music event where the biggest music artists come together for 14 days festivity to perform their musical talents. Armin van Buuren was scheduled to make 4 appearances across these 14 days and he definitely made them in style as he performed the first ever upside-down DJ set.

The impressive stage took approximately 2-3 months preparation before it was ready for action. The sphere shaped stage can be maneuvered in all different angles and directions as it drifts the across the crowd 15,000 attendees. Of course, no DJ is ever prepared for a performance like this so it definitely required Armin to participate in hours practice and training before he can finally perform upside down. In Armin’s latest VLOG, he takes you on the journey how this incredible idea came to full fruition. Hopefully, we get to see Armin harnessed into this 360-degree stage a few more times before the year is up but for now, check out his vlog and clips the stage in action below.