Armin Does it Again – 7 Hours at Untold Festival

This year at Untold Festival in Romania, Armin van Buuren outdid Armin van Buuren. When he first started playing the festival, his timeslot was 3 hours to close out the festival. He played for 3.5 hours that year. The next year, 4 hours. Back in 2017, the King played a 5+ hour set at the iconic festival. He always says “I’ll keep playing until someone stops me, or everyone has gone home.”

2018 brought about his biggest set yet – 7 hours! He took fans on a roller coaster journey from progressive to uplifting to techno – down the rabbit hole and all the way back. His musical range and technical skill is unparalleled, even when he’s utterly exhausted. The man has got serious stamina, and clearly Untold is OK with this becoming a yearly tradition.

Checkout all 7 breath-taking hours in this full set video.

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