Vini Vici & Timmy Trumpet – 100 (feat. Symphonic)

The Israeli duo, Vini Vici, has teamed up with Australian DJ/producer Timmy Trumpet for their new single ‘100’. The vocals, which are in the celtic language, are sampled from ‘Fionnghuala’ by Symphonic.

Undoubtedly, this single comes in perfect timing for the festival season. Its heavy drop and atmospheric buildup will get everyone on the dance floor jumping. By the same token, the vocals, even though not everyone can understand them, add a special touch to the track.

The Celtic lyrics talk about a confused blacksmith who has to haul in bothies. As confusing as the lyrics may sound to you, the music provided by Vini Vici and Timmy Trumpet is simple yet anthemic.

Vini Vici & Timmy Trumpet – 100 (feat. Symphonic) |