Gliding through a gorgeous soundscape of analogue synths and pulsating electronic drum patterns, the new single "The Darkness" from Josin is a powerful piece of alt-electronica that brings to mind Arca’s early work, Dopplereffekt or Anohni’s stunning debut album. An impressive musician with a fearless approach to the experimental, she’s a personal favorite of ambient superstar Ólafur Arnalds and is releasing her new single via Universal Music subsidiary Mercury KX.

A multi-talented and hard-working creative mind, Josin’s upbringing led to a knowledge of multiple instruments, classical training, graphic design and accountancy. She would later pursue careers in Medicine and Accountancy, before returning to music. She now lives a nomadic life, traveling and creating some of the most exciting experimental music around in 2021.

She admits that one of her goals with her music, is to somehow soothe the listener while also making them uncomfortable. This drive for contradiction on her sound has led to collaborations with Kiasmos and Ry X. Speaking on the inspiration behind her music, she states:

“I’m a really happy and funny person, but not in music.” explains Arabella Rauch, the singer-songwriter-producer behind Josin. “I don’t feel inspired when things are too good.”

See the video premiere below and the track is being released tomorrow. Pre-order it here.