Canadian artist Unknown Mobile will make his debut on Pacific Rhythm next month with a new album, entitled 'Daucile Moon'.

The album, which is largely centred around ambient and downtempo music, was started four years ago when the artist, also known as Levi Bruce, was recuperating from a broken toe and collecting MIDI samples from a GeoCities archive.

The eight-track project was completed in Montrael with help from fellow Canadian CFCF who added his guitarwork to the project.

According to the press release, 'Daucile Moon' takes its name from an "old, obscure Canadian jazz song" and was inspired by "various happy moments, from sharing wine with friends ('Oenology') to a dog that Bruce met ('Simone Can't Swim')."

The label, which has also released EPs from D. Tiffany and Ex-Terrestrial, will release 'Daucile Moon' on July 15.

Vancouver label Pacific Rhythm to release Unknown Mobile album next month

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