The pop scene has seen everything from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga and everything in between. However, it seems to bore audiences in recent years. People search for a new sound, and in pop, it seems like the same tunes repeat themselves over and over again for decades already. Vallyre, a Boston-based singer-songwriter, brings a new spirit to pop and to the music scene in general. Her new release, "Bloodsweat," is hard to put in any category or box, but it definitely has the mark of pop on it. It fits into pop perfectly from all the genres. While somehow, she also manages to go beyond genres, out of boxes, categories and labels. 

The shot music video for the track, produced by Vallyre alone, indicates the artist's artistry, acting talent, and not fitting into box's personality. So the song reflects the creator's nature and vision. "Bloodsweat" also demonstrates the artist's hard work because talent alone is never enough to get the level of professionalism that she showcases with the release. Vallyre reinvents the pop scene, making it intriguing again.