As our work spaces, and places evolve, so does how we think about them. From shared spaces to a home office, sound treatment can be a make-or-break experience. Whether it’s a home studio, or a shared office space, having a sonically sound environment can be a defining factor in boosting productivity.

We all know the pains of a studio with a flat response or a shared workspace that allows you to hear conversational sound bleed. Either problem can lead to frustrating movements. That’s where UPLIFT acoustic panels come into the picture. They’ve created a line of practical treatment options that add value and an aesthetically pleasing look to any workspace. Head to the article below to dive deeply into three treatments we tested in our studio.  

UPLIFT Acoustic Panels – The Pros

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been testing out three different UPLIFT acoustic panel options: the 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel, the Rectangle Acoustic Wall Panel, and the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle. These panels are designed to reduce echo and noise, making for a quieter and more conducive work environment. Below is a review of all three and some positive takeaways from each. 

3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT

The 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk is a great addition when enhancing your workspace acoustics. These dense yet thin panels are easily installed on flat walls using command strips or a few nails to hang them from. They are great for sheltering rooms from environmental noise while creating a quieter space to work from. They also work great in groups, creating a sleek and seamless look when hanging together.

Another huge bonus is that UPLIFT creates these panels using 50% recycled plastic to help reduce environmental impact and promote green, sustainable products. They also come in various colors, so you can add another layer of customization to your workspace. 

Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel

UPLIFTS rectangular acoustic panels do a great job when it comes to increased sound quality with a larger coverage range. They helped decrease noise levels while adding subtle aesthetic features to workspace walls. Just as the 3D tube panels, these rectangular panels are made from 50% recycled material. 

The panels absorb roughly 40% of the sound that hits them when flushing against a wall, but leaving an air gap helps trap even more sound, bumping that number up to 86%. These panels do a surprisingly good job at containing excess noise for how thin they are. While they’re most practical in an office setting, helping to boost workplace privacy in a shared area, they also stood out in our studio. Combined with the 3D tube, they helped boost clarity while reducing the sound bleed into other rooms. 

Mounting was quick and easy, only requiring command strips to be flush on the wall. This ease of use is superior to any DIY method that may require finding studs, drilling holes in walls, and potentially damaging the office space. An added plus is the rectangular panels, which can also serve as a bulletin board, keeping important notes, reminders, and photos close by. 

Waffle Acoustic Ceiling Cloud by UPLIFT

The final of the three panels we tested was the Waffle Acoustic Ceiling Panel. An area that’s often neglected, a ceiling can be the worst offender for reverberated noise and echoes. Especially in a shared workspace, the sound bleed from multiple conversations at once can lead to a loss of focus and creativity. 

That’s where the ceiling cloud comes into play. It’s branded as especially useful in open, echo-prone areas, and we couldn’t agree more. In the studio, it tamed unwanted frequencies while also helping to absorb outside noise. The fiberboard material has a Noise Reduction Coefficient that absorbs 80% of the sounds it comes into contact with. To stay on brand with eco-friendly practices, the ceiling waffle is also made from 50% recycled materials. This panel does require you to build it, but the setup was quick and easy. UPLIFT provides clear instructions and all the mounting you’ll need to get this hung on the ceiling. 

All three panels provided great deflection and absorption, especially when combined. In addition, the ease of setup was a huge plus, being ready to hang with clear instructions right out of the box. Whether you’re taming unwanted noise or treating a shared workspace to boost productivity, UPLIFT has an array of offerings you can mix and match to fill your workplace needs.

In addition, all UPLIFT products come with a 15-year warranty. 

…And The Cons

Overall, this treatment is great for corporate and home office setups but doesn’t quite meet the criteria for perfecting pro audio work and studios.

It provides strong coverage for room noise and conversation. For a beginner bedroom producer, it could be a great entry point for learning about acoustic panels with a hassle-free setup. However, it may not be the go-to solution for a professional-grade recording setup. 

The thinner rectangle panel struggled to keep up with the studio noise at higher volumes (70-80db). The same goes for the ceiling waffle, though the 3D tube panel provided powerful results. It stayed consistent in deflection and absorption throughout the volume test. 

Final Thoughts

Uplift is creating some great home studio and office products. With a focus on eco-friendly designs that promote a more ergonomic approach to the workplace, they’re acoustic treatment is a great addition to any home office space.

A huge bonus is their user friendly designs, that require minimal effort to hang or build (when required). Whether you’re trying to tame unwanted frequencies or absorb outside noise for a peaceful work experience, UPLIFT has you covered with an array of affordable options. Head to their website to see a complete product and package offerings list. 

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