Ultra Music Festival, happening on March 23-25, 2018, created a major scare yesterday when they shared on all their social media accounts that 90% the event’s tickets have sold out. If you don’t act fast enough, you may have to watch from home.

In 2016 we saw a similar occurrence, where ticket sales were 90% sold out on December 26th, 2016 for the 19th year the festival. Looking back even further, ticket sales for Ultra 2015 had 100% their VIP tickets swiped by March 20th, 2015. This was only 7 days before their festival, but tickets for general admission were still available.

We’ve seen a major increase in Ultra’s ticket sales since 2015. So why the big increase in ticket sales? This East Coast festival in Miami, Florida has become more popular over the years as it continues to fer absolutely fire lineups each time. Over the years, this festival has grown bigger and better; it has been rated the second best music festival in the country, according to .

We know you might be anxiously waiting for Phase 2 to still come out so you can start planning with friends to pick and choose who you want to see, but don’t wait for too long. As their 20th Anniversary nears, you’ll likel yneed to swipe a ticket within the next few days before it is completely sold out! This is the 20th anniversary, so go big or go home, right?

Ultimately, we hope that our fellow festival lovers purchased their tickets or can hop on them soon enough. We will see you in 50 day – and if you don’t get a ticket in time, better luck next year!