UK-based production duo WITHOUT have linked with powerful vocalist Empara Mi on their latest release “Talking Bout Me.” Following on the heels of their last records “Wanta Be” and “Love Liike This”, the pair take Summertime vibes into their own hands.  “Talking Bout Me” was two years in the making before it saw the light of day, the guys share, “We started writing ‘Talking Bout Me’ about two years ago at a time where it just felt right to start pulling our sound and songwriting in different directions.”

WITHOUT enlisted Empara Mi to lay down vocals on the final track. “I like the way the song voices that frustration but equally that quiet confidence I think people feel when they believe in what they are doing. ‘You should be talking bout me, you will be talking bout me’. And I know people will be talking about them [WITHOUT] so there no irony lost there, either,” shares Empara Mi. The track is a vibe, give it a listen!