In today’s political political climate, anyone with any type platform needs to be watching their rhetoric. Simple lines and sound bites can be taken out context, and entire careers can be shattered. These days it’s even easier to brand tough political talk, especially concerning immigration, as racist.

It all happened in the recent wake the cancelation Donald Trump’s visit to the UK. Pullen, who goes under the alias MITSABISHI, attacked London’s mayor on social media. He goes on to say that Sadiq Khan is not a true Englishman due to his opposition to many Trump’s nationalistic views on immigration and other policies:

UK Drum 'n' Bass Producer MITSABISHI Caught Making Racist Comments

It can be tough to read, as his remarks were quick to draw responses and condemnation from many social media users. MITSABISHI doubled down on his sentiments, lashing back with a string heightened racial slurs. He even went as far as to refer to one Twitter user as a “chimp”.

Shortly after the backlash associated on social media, MITSABISHI once again took to Facebook to address the issue. His half-apology attributes his actions to his PTSD from past events in his life. Either way, it’s clear that he has strong feelings on the European mass migration issue. As usual, a substantive debate on the topic is probably not in the cards when its easier to name call those we disagree with.