TyDi is back with a gorgeous melodic future house anthem “Please Stay” out today now Global Soundsystem, collaborating with freshly signed artist Kundo, and vocalist London Thor.

Here's what Ty had to say about his latest release:

“I relaunched my record label Global Soundsystem full time to finally bring on new up and coming talent who deserve to be heard. Kundo won a remix contest that I hosted recently and I was so impressed with his talent that I immediately signed him! Same goes for London, she’s such an incredibly talented singer that I heard on a Gareth Emery track and said I had to work with her” 

Read the lyrics below, and stream it on Spotify above.

Are you sleeping much these days Cause I'm lonely in our bed
In the sweatshirt that you gave me I wish I just had you instead
I only order whiskey
To remember how you taste
I keep your picture in my room So I don't forget your face
Please stay
In my mind in my memories
If I'm ok
The further you are away from me
Where do you go
If I don't love you anymore
Where do I put you
If you're not who I'm broken for Heal
I'll never lose you
I won't forget you
If you're my permanent heartbreak
And I try to stay away
From the places we would go
But I always find myself back there And it feels like I'm back home
I'm not the type to hold on tightly
If you didn't want to stay
So I let you turn around
But now your ghost can't walk away
Please stay
I'm my mind my memories
I don't want to be ok
And watch you fade away from me