Electronic dance music has the power to elevate, with epic build up, and anthemic drops, but when you partner that up with a flight on a fighter jet, you reach top gun level. Cue Australian producer tyDi who took his latest release “It's Always Now” with Matt Fax out of this world, literally. With a return to his roots, opting for an instrumental, it makes for the perfect soundtrack for flying your fighter jet.

Inspired by the Sam Harris quote: “the past is a memory, it's a thought arising in the present. The future is merely anticipated, it's another thought arising now. What we truly have is this moment. And this. And this…” 

tyDi shares with his fans on his latest stunt and release:

I heard this quote a very long time ago and it changed my life, anyone who knows me closely has probably heard me repeat these words to them far too many times. I try to live my life with this mentality. We are always regretting things, looking backwards to memories and wondering if we should have done things differently. And we are almost always worried about what’s going to happen next, stressing about the smallest things, like what people think about us or what could happen if we take a risk on something that we are truly passionate about. Thinking in this way puts our focus on thoughts that are just that, thoughts. It can stop us from really living life in the present moment and experiencing the beautiful reality around us. Yesterday I checked something off my bucket list that I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a kid – Flying a FIGHTER JET!… For me this was truly living in the moment. 

Stream tyDi and Matt Fax's single “It's Always Now”, and watch the video of his above-the stratosphere flight antics below.