Los Angeles-natives Matt and Eli, aka Two Friends, have returned to the spotlight with a summer-ready remix Kanye West’s iconic ‘Touch the Sky,available now for streaming worldwide. The duo have also just released a dramatically different spin on their 2017 hit single ‘’ from rising producer Mikey C.

With the relentless return Kanye West to the social media and music universe over the past few weeks, Two Friends have released their rework a classic Yeezy anthem. The remix utilizes the duo’s signature playful drum patterns blended with trumpet riffs, all tied together by Kanye’s slick vocals to craft the ultimate throwback jam.

While the original production for ‘Just A Kid’ showcases an upbeat and summertime aura, Matt & Eli call upon Mikey C to reconstruct the instrumental into a festival-primed anthem. Maintaining the playful identity vocalist Kevin Writer’s lyrics, the remix sees the addition a soaring buildup and a mesmerizing future bass drop. The rework adds a tremendous electronic flair; polishing the single in a way that dance music fans from across the spectrum will appreciate.