A teenager influencer by radical Islam in Germany has been arrested by police in connection with several terror plots. It’s reported the 17-year-old male, named Yusuf Erkocoglu, was plotting to blow up a gay nightclub as well as a Catholic Church in Frankfurt. He is a dual citizen of Turkey and Germany, but it is unclear whether he was born in Turkey or Germany. The Jerusalem Post was the first outlet to obtain the suspects identity with the help of a German intelligence source. Hesse State Police caught the teen without any casualties back on September 1st.

Sinan Akdogan, Frankfurt prosecutor spokesman, stated that the teen was suspected of plotting a major act of violence and was inspired by radical Islam. Even more horrific, police found instructions on bomb-making and various chemicals in the suspect’s home. We are not sure if the suspect would be able to successfully put together a working explosive but we are thankful law enforcement was able to shut it all down before anyone was hurt.

Currently, the suspect is being held on judge’s orders on suspicion of preparing a “serious act of violence.”

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