Today, we are honored to host the world-renowned techno force to be reckoned with, Fatima Hajji, for a live stream session. Kicking off at 8PM in her hometown of Madrid, Spain tonight’s live stream will be a continuation of her Stay Home series. While Fatima has been at home over the last couple weeks, we got a moment to chat with her. As you watch the live stream on thatDROP’s facebook, enjoy hearing from Fatima Hajji about her beginnings, a funny tour mishap, tips on reading a room, creating music and more.

6 Fun Facts About Fatima Hajji

  1. She’s Spanish by birth with Arab origins.
  2. Performs at some of the world’s best clubs/events such as Privilege (Ibiza), Razzmatazz & FABRIK(ES), Awakenings Festival (NL), Monegros Desert Festival (ES), Tomorrowland (BE), Nature One Festival (DE), Berghain Kantine (DE) and EGG LDN (UK) amongst others.
  3. Fatima comes from the hard techno scene, although over the last couple of years her sound has changed and she’s been delivering pure underground techno sets at slower BPMs.
  4. Fatima is also an entrepreneur and owns three record labels StandbiteTaikatta and Silver M (her current techno imprint/event brand that’s growing month-by-month). She also releases her music on imprints such as Codex Recordings, Unity Records and Pornographic Recordings amongst others.
  5. Since its 2016 conception, Silver M, has been going from strength-to-strength. The label now boasts releases by some of the scene’s finest talents (Spartaque, D-Unity, Drumcomplex, Loco & Jam, Fabio Neural, Frankyeffe, WANB, Dani Sbert, and, of course, Hajji herself amongst others).
  6. Launched a new Dejavu event concept last year.
Tune into Fatima Hajji's Live Stream While Reading her Story [Exclusive Interview]

photo credit Fatima Hajji

After DJing for over 20 years I’m sure you have some stories. When and where did you music career begin? What are a couple vital lessons you have learned along the way? 

Yes, it is a long time when you think about, I’m not young anymore. 

 I started when I was 16 years, I learnt how to mix in a record store in my city (Madrid) and a few weeks after I signed up do take part in a local DJ contest in a club and it was crazy. All of my friends and my brothers and their friends were there and nobody knew that I knew how to mix. It was epic to see their faces (and mine) when the jury said I was the winner! After this event I started to play in the nearest towns to where I was living and then the more gigs I would play the more I found myself traveling all over the world. I’m grateful to do what I love and to travel the globe meeting amazing and lovely people along the way.

 A vital lesson I’ve learned is that life takes many turns; so it’s important try to be happy and to do your own thing respecting others and without damaging anyone.

Please share with us some of your best and worst/funny moments as a DJ.

Funny: Once I had to meet my driver on the hotel in Amsterdam Airport and I went downstairs and a black car was waiting at the door, my tour manager said hello to the guy and we got into the car. 40km later the driver got a phone call from the DJ he was supposed to have picked up. We got into the wrong car but finally we made it on time, and the other DJ also.

Tune into Fatima Hajji's Live Stream While Reading her Story [Exclusive Interview]

photo credit We Are Rebels

What intentions do you put into the music you create?

When I produce I just try to transmit the emotions that I feel for the music that I like to dance to in a club.

What do you like about touring?

All, even to feel tired. That’s why this quarantine time feels so unreal and crazy.

Do you have any advice on how to read a room as a DJ?

During a set I always play what I would like to listen to as a clubber and to dance, enjoy and be happy. My wish is to have the people with high energy and enjoying my sets much as they can, if I can feel this vibe I’m happy.

Tune into Fatima Hajji's Live Stream While Reading her Story [Exclusive Interview]

photo credit We Are Rebels

Please share with us, what is running through your mind while behind the decks?

I thinking about which tracks I need to play to connect with the people and get them on top. I’m also focusing on each mix and if the mix is not perfect I like to threat mentally at the deck. 

Tune into Fatima Hajji's Live Stream While Reading her Story [Exclusive Interview]

photo credit Toffler

A “never have I ever”, what is one thing you have never done that people may be surprised you have never done? 

I never do “tricks” but can drink energy drinks the whole night of a party.

What are you excited about for after your next tour dates?

To know when we can come back to the normal life, I am very very excited about having contact with people again and it will be epic to be back once the situation is fixed in our world. In the meantime, I’m currently broadcasting regular live #stayathome sets from my Madrid home every Friday from 8pm (Spanish time) my socials so feel free to tune in!


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