Following the release of “Pages” and “Acceptance,” New Zealand-based dubstep tandem TRUTH finally reveal their 13-track album Acceptance. While the award-winning duo is known for their heavy-handed, dubbed-out approach to dance music, they're also CEO's of their very own record label Deep Dark & Dangerous. Business mavens they may be, but their art is never compromised. Their new album Acceptance, out via DD&D, is living proof that their dedication to challenging their skillset is in constant motion. Acceptance begins with the two creeping tracks that were released in the months leading up to the album before it into a formless series of downtempo psychedelia. This breathy 13-track album is an instrumental fantasy that mimics a blissful, thought-provoking trip. Its limbs stretch in every direction casting shadows of synths, drum pads, and basslines onto the album's uniform rhythm sections. Above all else, Acceptance is more than an album; it is a journey through the cosmos and a testament to artistic progress. Listen below.