This one is impressive. The hybrid indie leaning new single by Triptych Miró is an introduction to the duo's distinctly different sound. Influences ranging from Electronic, Pop, Hip-hop and Indie Rock smoothly bleed together for their song “Maybe”, so that the end result is a hazy mixture of tons of styles that fit perfectly together like a puzzle piece would. The group met through family friends after not wanting to do so, but after they got into the studio the rest was history. They worked on “Maybe” and a full project (due out sometime in 2019) where both artists – Sapphire Adizes and Erez Sivan – have enough room to shine by themselves and are the brightest when they come together. Sivan's vocals are as enticing as they are gorgeous, Adizes instrumentalism is the farthest thing from simple but not too over the top whereas no one can find the tempo to bop there head along with. Dive into “Maybe” by Triptych Miró below now and stay tuned for new music by these two!