Magoo – a rapper and longtime collaborator of Timbaland – has died, aged 50.

The rapper’s death was confirmed yesterday (August 14) via Digital Black, a member of the Timbaland-affiliated R&B group Playa. Digital Black wrote on Instagram: “Man can’t believe this RIH Magoo damn big bro wasnt ready for this at all”.

Magoo’s cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Magoo was best known for being one half of the Timbaland & Magoo duo, which formed in 1989. The pair met as teenagers and released their debut album ‘Welcome To Our World’ in 1997, spawning the hit ‘Up Jumps Da Boogie’. The duo would go on to release two more albums together – 2001’s ‘Indecent Proposal’ and 2003’s ‘Under Construction, Part II’.

Timbaland & Magoo would also become part of a collective, known as Da Bassment Cru, which featured Missy Elliott, Ginuwine and Playa. Magoo is also credited with introducing Missy Elliott to Timbaland, who would go on to form a genre-changing collaboration.

In the early 90s, Timbaland and Magoo were also part of another collective, known as Surrounded By Idiots, which included the likes of Pharrell Williams.

Following the news of Magoo’s death, several of his past collaborators and musicians have paid tribute to the deceased rapper, led by Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine and more.

Timbaland shared a video of him and Magoo performing together, writing: “This one hits different. Long live Melvin aka magoo!!! Tim and Magoo forever. Rest easy my king.”


Missy Elliott wrote in a lengthy post: “I remember when we 1st met as teenagers & you said hey my name Melvin & I laughed so hard & I said wait you really talk like that? and you said yuuuup & I kept laughing & I said what you do you said I rap & you kicked 8 bars & I said you remind me of Qtip & you said he one of my favorite emcees but your flow was VA I loved it! & from that day we became so cool you supported me from day 1 & you said I’m going to call you Misdemeanor because it’s a crime to have that many talents.”

Ginuwine wrote: “This dude, always pushed me… I will miss you maganooo that’s what we called him… totally one of the best ever in my eyes always pressing forward.”

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